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Caelan's Story 

"Baby Blue"

"Today I want to go a little out of my comfort zone and speak up about my experience with 'baby blues'. I still feel like there is this stigma around the topic and there truly shouldn't be. It is good to talk about and to speak up if you are struggling, as hard as it may be. It helps to know we are in this together, you are not alone."


Caelan was born an American but refers to herself as an "international kid" because she moved to Belgium at the age of 10 where her love for travel, diversity, and the world blossomed. For the past 8 years and counting, Caelan has lived in the United Arab Emirates where she met her now husband. These days they travel just as much as ever with their two beautiful babies in tow. Caelan hopes her children will grow to appreciate the world as much as she does. On her blog, Sisterhood of the Traveling Moms, you can feel the love Caelan has for her family and for adventures. It is immediately apparent that she is naturally a happy, bright, beautiful soul. Unfortunately, postpartum depression does not discriminate no matter who you are or where you live. Caelan took a pause from her usual posts to open up about her experience with PPD, the importance of support, and what really makes a person strong.


Read Caelan's Story here >>> "Baby Blues"

I'm a proud new member of Caelan's sisterhood and look forward to following her travels through the world, motherhood, and life!

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