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Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Thank you for being my best friend. Even though I talk more than I should, I get frustrated when you don’t see my point of view, and I don’t pack the dishwasher the right way, you still accept me as your BFF (no matter how many dishes I haphazardly pile into the wash).

Speaking of talking, thank you for listening to me. Sometimes I just can’t stop talking. I applaud you for not tuning me out...or being really, really good at pretending to listen. Either way, you have never told me to shut up and that’s really nice.


Thank you for making me laugh. All. The. Time. Impressions, jokes, wittiness, come on, it’s not even fair how funny you are. SNL doesn’t know what it’s missing.


Thank you for your hard work. It’s been a crazy ride with life’s endless transitions. But no matter how busy your day is (or weeks or months are), once you are home, you don’t blink when I ask you to do anything and everything. You get it all done without complaint and manage to have enough energy to be the best playmate for our kids. How? That’s amazing. You're amazing.


Thank you for encouraging me during every idea I’ve ever had - which there have been a lot. You have never once made me feel stupid for any of them. You have always cheered for me. You are definitely my biggest fan.

Thank you for being honest with me. I appreciate the fact that you openly hated the cabbage rolls I made years ago and how you aren’t a fan of ripped jeans. I promise I will never make the rolls again, but my trendy jeans are just too comfortable. I also know you really don't care what jeans or sweats or party dress I wear, you'll hold my hand in public regardless.


Thank you for being there for me during my battles with postpartum depression. Although I never want you to understand the depths of depression, you didn't judge or question me, you only supported. You have been my rock through every up and down.


Above all, thank you for loving me so much. I catch you still looking at me like you did on our wedding day. When you smile at me for no reason, it still gives me butterflies. You still sneak up and hug me in the kitchen and that will never get old. The best part, our girls are taking it all in. I see it when they give you a soft kiss on the cheek, I hear it when they yell how much they love you, I feel it when they almost instantly join our kitchen hugs; the love that our relationship is built on shines through them. It is without doubt that your genuine, real, unwavering love for me is leaving a lasting imprint. For that, I am beyond thankful.

Thank you for asking me to be yours and thank you for being mine.


I love you forever and always,

Your Wife

October 1, 2011

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