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Much has changed since this first introduction, but my desire to break stigmas surrounding mental health is stronger than ever.

So welcome to Our Brave Faces!

Let's share stories, support each other, & break stigmas. 

HI! My name is Haley. I'm usually happy, sometimes sad, occasionally angry, often times excited, many days tired, and always trying to be brave. I'm a friend, a daughter, a wife, and (my favorite of all) a mom. I'm also a survivor of postpartum depression (PPD). I'm on a mission to end the stigmas surrounding mental health. My hopes are that every sufferer becomes a survivor as well. I believe for this to happen, we need to surround each other with love, encouragement, and support. Whether you have been, are currently, or know someone affected, please share your story. Let's show each other that we are not alone in the battle that happens between our ears. Let's break away from "putting on brave faces". Let's truly show our brave faces. 


I began dreaming up this support system back in September 2016 and wrote the following. 

Recently I read this article about a young mom who took her life after secretively suffering from PPD. On the outside she appeared to be a happy and caring new mom. She loved her 4.5 month old daughter and was just beginning her journey in motherhood. No one knew her struggle and ultimately she was no longer able to battle her demons. 

I was hit with a flood of emotions. At one time in my life I thought this ultimatum, suicide, was a selfish act.

Why would she do that to her family?

They all need her, they love her.

Her daughter will never know her mom.

Depression is not an excuse.


I am absolutely and completely ashamed of these former thoughts. Although I have never contemplated hurting myself let alone taking my own life, I now know what the deep darkness of depression feels like - the pain, the fear, the crushing feeling of unhappiness, the helplessness. I wish I would have been more educated and sympathetic to sufferers before. Suicide is not selfish, it is tragic. 

I'm in the midst of life with a 2.5 year old and 2 month old. I'm also trying my best to stay on top of my second round of PPD. In hopes to bring attention to this all-too-common-but-stigmatized mental state, in hopes to "normalize" it, and in hopes to save other moms who are afraid to reach out for help, I'm sharing my story. 

Read my stories here.

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If you or someone you know has thoughts of harmful behavior or suicide, seek medical care immediately.

Find support and help with the following links

National Alliance on Mental Illness

SAMHSA's National Helpline

Postpartum Depression Help

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